Stories of Hope and Heroic Love in Action


Human Stories of Divine Love

The idea of witness is very important to us as Catholics. Our faith is strengthened and moved to action by the great “cloud of witnesses” around us. Simply put, we learn by example.

This new documentary series features six incredible witnesses from people who have profoundly encountered Christ and are now living like Him—people who make this world more closely resemble the next.


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The Power of Witness

Thanks to the good work of many Catholic organizations, the Church is full of dynamic programs and products for catechesis and faith formation. This documentary series is something different. In a time where people struggle to see beauty, goodness, and truth in the world, these films provide hope and renewal as we glimpse into the lives of everyday heroes who have been changed by their encounter with Jesus Christ. So, although this series may teach us about the love of God, it's not about catechesis ... it's about witness.

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Two Ways to Watch Restored

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Stream Online


Go Deeper

Get the accompanying discussion guide and get a closer look at the kind of love that spurs these beautiful stories on. A perfect resource for small group or classroom studies.


Perfect for Small Groups

These films stir the heart and prompt self-reflection which can flower into actions of love and service. Experience these stories together with friends, family, bible study groups, etc. and then go out to serve your community with this bundle featuring five discussion guides!



Host a Screening of Restored


Bring the ODB Films team to your parish for an event unlike any other. Fusing the power of film and dynamic speaking, these events lead parishioners to reflect on their personal journey and relationship with Christ.


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